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Tuesday, January 03, 2006
Windows Mobile 5.0 & SQL Server Mobile


I went out and bought my wife and I both each a HP iPAQ rx1950 last month.  The main motivator was so that I could start working hands on with Windows Mobile 5.0.

My pet project yesterday was to port across an old Access database which I've been using to keep track of our DVD collection.  It was a bit of an interesting ordeal, and I'm sure I'll get to chronical it in this blog thid\s week or next week.  Suffice to say that it wasn't very straightforward.

I'm going to do some investigation within MS to see if there is a better way than I had to implement.  The brief overview is:  I had to export the data to SQL Server.  Then, I created a Publication and a Subscription (and the Subscription has to be configured specifically for consumption by SQL Mobile). 

Then, I had to configure IIS (although later I worked out a way to bypass this unnecessary step).  This was interesting - had to obtain a debug SSL cert, since the replication required SSL/HTTPS.  That was fine.

Then, I had some issues resolving hostnames - one issue was having to set the HOSTS file, the second was removing and resetting Headers in IIS.  Once done, I managed to attempt my first synchronisation. 

I'll cover part two of SQL Mobile Replication tomorrow..



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