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Sunday, April 09, 2006
SQL Encryption

Hi All,

Lets talk SQL Server 2005.  So, one of the new features is the inclusion of Certificate management.  This, in turn, allows you to selectively encrypt/decrypt within SQL - consolidating CPU use and centralizing your performance into one point.

You'll need to create a Master Key to use certs/keys.  Something to note is that if you detatch or restore a DB with a master key, you'll need to open the master key *t least once* to register the key with SQL Server.

Once you've created a master key, you can create any number of certificates and from them, a number of symmetric or asymmetric keys.  When you've created certs/keys you'll notice them under the Security branch in SQL Managment Studio.  You'll most likely want to grant control to a user or role.

to actually use a key for encryption, you'll want to store the encrypted data in a varbinary column.  Sizing is the key.. make sure that you have enough space to store whatever you encrypt.

You can easily store your encryption/decryption logic in a stored procedure - which can be called by multiple procedures within your data model.  Be careful when using this functionality as it is CPU intensive.

More on this soon..


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