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Tuesday, October 17, 2006
New SQL Utility


There is a new SQL utility published on the Microsoft downloads' site:


It allows the scripting of a database which includes both scripting of the schema as well as scripting the data!  Well worth a look as it could be beneficial in a build process or backup.

I've instaleld it but I haven't had time to see how well it works.  I'm curious as to how it works, whether it uses COM or SMO or DMO or some combination.  If you take a look at it, please leave feedback on it or it's uses here on this post.

Until next post,


Error: [dbo].[tablename], column 'columnname' is of type [UserDefinedDataTy
pe].  This type is currently not supported.

Damn!  No support for UDTs!

(Items in Red have been sanitised for your enjoyment)

Posted at 01:50 pm by ausrob2003


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